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stringless yo yo music © 2012

Recordings, most of...

Releases of recordings done for Daytrotter:

Bonnie Prince Billy "Strange Form of Life" 12" maxi single Drag City 2006
The National "Lucky You" single track on The Virginia EP Beggars Banquet 2008/2012
Blitzen Trapper "Jericho" 7" 2008
Iron and Wine Daytrotter 10" EP 2011
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone "Jeanne, If You're Ever in Portland" Tomlab 2006
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's Daytrotter sessions EP Epic 2008
Male Bonding Daytrotter session cassette Subpop 2010
Ingrid Michaelson "Be OK" Can't Help Falling In Love track 2008
Brown Bird/Joe Fletcher 12" 2014
David Ramirez 2014
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/Donkeys 12" 2014


Tripmaster Monkey "Practice Changes" Sire/Warner Bros 1995
Darling "Ends in Fantasy" Guilt Ridden Pop 1996
Darling "The Night in Bloom" Guilt Ridden Pop 1997
Track a Tiger "Woke up Early the Day I Died" Futureappletree 2006
Track a Tiger "We Moved Like Ghosts" Deep Elm 2007
Track a Tiger "I Felt the Bullet Hit my Heart" Deep Elm 2008
Track a Tiger "A Southern Blue" Futureappletree 2011
The Parish Festival S/T Futureappletree 2007
Blue and Brown Books S/T  Futureappletree 2007
Limbeck Tour CD 2007
Mondo Drag "New Rituals" ALive Naturalsound 2010
The Daredevil Christopher Wright "The Nature of Things" File Under:Music 2012
The Daredevil Christopher Wright "The Long Suffering Song" 10" EP 2011
Datagun "Wild" Mission Freak 2009
The Poison Control Center "Glory Us" EP Afternoon 2007
The Poison Control Center  "Collage of Impressions" Afternoon 2007
The Poison Control Center  "Sad Sour Future" Afternoon 2010
Minorcan "Keep at Hand" mixed 2009
Birth Rites LP Mission Freak 2009
JE Sunde "Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God" LP Cartouche Records 2014 (mixed, mastered)
Bedroom Shrine "No Deja Vu" LP Cartouche Records 2014 (mastered)
Mondo Drag eponymous, Kosmik Artifacts 2015 (engineer, mix)
Juan Wauters (Mix)  Captured Tracks, 2015
The Dawn "At First Light" 2015 engineered, mixed, mastered
Devin Frank "The Vanishing Blues" mixed Cartouche 2016
Chrash "Things My Friends Say" mixed Cartouche 2016
Brooks Strause "The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause" play, engineer, mix Cartouche 2015
The Land of Blood and Sunshine "Lady and the Trance" mastered Cartouche 2016
JE Sunde "Now I Feel Adored" Mixed Cartouche 2016
Mountain Swallower 2 eps mixed 2016/2017
Gosh! S/T mixed 2017
Gosh! "Cities on the Plain" mixed We Be Friends 2017
The Dawn "Wooly" engineered, mixed, mastered Cartouche 2017
The Purcells "Words Can't Say" mixed 2017
Lewis Knudsen "Philip" engineered mixed 2017
Harakiri "Alchemy Choir"  lp 2017 engineered, mixed
BEES ep 2018 engineered mixed
The Velies "Caught in Places" ep 2018 engineered, mixed
Katie Sin "Harmonia" ep 2018 mixed


As musician/engineer/producer

The Multiple Cat:

"Territory Shall Mean the Universe"...Zero Hour 1995
Multi Kat Mixy-Mixy...Zero Hour 1996
"Universe" Shall mean the Self...Guilt Ridden Pop 1996
Elements of the Multiple Cat...Guilt Ridden Pop 1997
The Golden Apples Hits...Plow City 2000
The Secret of the Secret of...Futureappletree 2006
"A Test/Little Things/Multiplicity Kitty" 7"...Zero Hour 1996
"The New Marcus Aurelius/Red Volvo DL Wagon" 7"...1995
"Juillet/Slapped by the Invisible Hand/Little Pieces 7" AmPop 1996
"Lovr Come Here" track on  Ragged Records compilation 2012
The Return of the Multiple Cat...Guilt Ridden Pop/Futureappletree (may)2013
Intricate Maps LP...Cartouche Records 2016

The Marlboro Chorus:

"Good Luck"...Futureappletree 2003
"Entangled"....Futureappletree 2004
Youth Medium...Futureappletree 2005
American Dreamers...Futureappletree 2007
Soundtracks for Kisses, Trips, and Fits (2 tracks)...Futureappletree 2005

Struggle in the Hive (with Jeff Konrad)...Futureappletree/Radical Turf 2006

The Oliver Twists (bass, vocal, production/eng)...Futureappletree digital release 2008

The Orchard Keepers...digital free download 2012