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An Explanation of the Facts:

Futureappletree Studio Too is a recording studio based around older equipment...large and small format tape machines and presto record cutting lathes.  We can cut direct to acetate, we can make plexi lathe cut short run records, we can make an entire multi track record, or we can do live to 2 track recording a la Daytrotter.  Futureappletree was the original Daytrotter studio and we defined the style:  live, in a room, with effects, no headphones, no overdubs. 
We believe in sounds and results.  We have no set ways of doing things...there is no "proper" way to record.  Recording should be fun and relaxing...and any question is a good question.  See our equipment page for the ridiculous array of stuff we have. 

We are primarily an analog studio.  We track and mix, and can just track or just mix.    We like the analog, but can make anything work.  .wav files can be used to mix, or bring your machine.  Email for rates.  We are right next to Rozz Tox Cafe/Venue in Rock Island, and they have space available to crash/cook/shower at really reasonable rates.  Come and hang.  The studio is upstairs at Laborspace...a creative place full of musicians and artisans (glass blowing, screenprinting, letterpress, woodworking, painting, lighting restoration...etc).  We are a couple blocks from the Mississippi river, bike trails, parks, restaurants, bars, venues, a botanical center, art galleries, etc. etc.  It's common to see an eagle flying over the building.  We own a grassy wooded lot next door where chilling and camping is welcome.

Any interest in recording or renting the space to record, mix or track should be directed to pstolley2000@yahoo.com